You’ll be able to identify with my personal journeys, they will make you sad, happy and give much inspiration. How to move beyond just coping!

My journeys are a personal collection of articles that details how I became what I am today. Journal entries that usually lay out a pain or problem faced, explain the immediate way I coped, how I gained understanding, the longer term stratgey, our own growth and development.

Although, we know that situations can be naturally diffused with patience and compassion, there is a trained learnable response that enables us as individuals to not only provide the best care for loved ones and clients, but to uplift ourselves and the people we meet. There are amazing tools avaialable and it is our hope that you can relate to this platform, be encouraged to share our observations, and use the techniques presented to take extra care of yourself in any environment, push your boundaries and challenge your ability to be proactive as opposed to reactive.

The Start of My Own Transition Aged 52 – From Teacher to Carer To Life-Coach

My journey is documented in 80-plus blogs and is a personal collection of experiences, research, and applications to ‘real’ life, personal events. Daily journal entries allowed me to track my progress and the diversity of placements enabled me to weave in and out of life experiences.

As the years progressed my collection of articles presented with greater maturity and clarity but with that came more significant confusion as to what it was all about. I wanted to help people but the act of writing didn’t make me feel good anymore and my work wasn’t reaching the audience that I had hoped for! My ego had taken a knock because I was looking for validation and purpose in the outside world and had based my worth on clicks!

I now realize that my purpose is not something to find or a product to sell but rather a process of unfolding, and becoming more of who it is I already am – an energetic, dynamic, and transient being – new in every moment and engaging with an audience without expectations.

The energy behind what I do has transformed and today I feel connected to a bigger purpose – I feel excited about what I do and not suffocated by life’s demands that I achieve, that I am successful, that I am in demand!

What I do now and continue to do is to share and be of service to you. My journey is unique to me but our pains and pleasures are Universal – we are all looking for solutions to some of life’s challenges and I believe that the pathway to success is shifting from unconscious reactions to conscious responses using our relationships with ourselves and others as an opportunity to reset and start over with every interaction…

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