Kim Heart and Soul Profile

Hi, I’m Kim

As a young adult, I was passionate about teaching and it was inevitable that I would eventually pursue a career in the industry. However, a move to the UK saw me leave my teaching profession behind and even though I remained in the service industry,  I didn’t really process the grief that would ensue and the pressure I would feel as I navigated uncharted territory and ventured into the Care Sector – I was well out of my depth – alone, confused, and disconnected.

What followed was a personal albeit not comfortable transformation – a search for my authentic self, a personal reset, and exposure to a world of spiritual teachers and leaders. An insatiable desire for self-improvement and a deep dive into countless blogs documenting and sharing the journey left me questioning everything.

Although the care industry provided a safe space to explore problems and figure out solutions my hunger for knowledge left me feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. I had definitely made some positive changes in my life but I was still triggered by interactions with my family and unconscious scripts continued to haunt me and pull me out of alignment with the person I thought I was becoming.

Unresolved trauma still haunted me and suppressed emotions had not been addressed. I was caught in the cyclic nature of evolution, a pendulum swing of progression and regression, continuously being dragged back into the quicksand of the ego and living from unconscious emotional legacies.

But I am proud to say that awareness and personal observation have enabled me to look at my journey and see it for what it is  – an adventure of  ‘learning and experiencing’ to consciously ‘feeling and healing’ and an ongoing revolutionary approach to taking ‘ownership in the pursuit of true, authentic service’.

The work I share is a smorgasbord of experiences that are presented so that you can serve yourself…

My purpose is to show up…

It is to share and be of service to you. My journey is unique to me but our pains and pleasures are Universal – we are all looking for solutions to some of life’s challenges and I believe that the pathway to success is shifting from unconscious reactions to conscious responses using our relationships with ourselves and others as an opportunity to reset and start over with every interaction…

It is not something to find or a product to sell but rather a process of unfolding and becoming more of who it is I already am – an energetic, dynamic, and transient being – new in every moment and engaging with an audience without expectations.

Shining the light on awareness is my purpose – I am not here to save anyone and I have released all desires to even change anyone  – instead, I honour where you are with respect and neutrality – celebrating the totality of your experience in the present without judgment. In return, I ask that you open yourself up to conversation without expectation and allow the now to be the totality of the experience.