Kim Heart and Soul Profile

Hi, I’m Kim 

I was born in a small town bordering the wild Hwange National Park in Southern Africa and when I very young, my parents moved to Bulawayo Matabeleland and I completed my schooling as the country transitioned through Southern Rhodesia, then Rhodesia to finally become Zimbabwe. I received a Bachelors degree in education with a major in physical education from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg South Africa. Over these years there were the trials and tribulations as well as celebrations and victories – you can read about some of these in the Heart and Soul Story.

I represented Zimbabwe in Swimming and at the Commonwealth Games for athletics, received Springbok colours for bodybuilding, a choreographed aerobic routines for National Champions, became fitness coach to a premier league soccer team, trained trainers and more. In short my life so far has been jam-packed with excitement, adventure and diversity – I capitalized on talent and transferable skills.

What made me feel good, was always teaching and helping people grow. In 1996 I opened a swim school facilitating learning for children, adults and individuals with physical disabilities. At this point, my love of service was ignited.

I was privileged to have two children who were fortunate to be raised in a wonderful nurturing environment with extended family and wonderful friends. However, in 2004 as things became difficult in Zimbabwe we sadly uprooted and located to beautiful Cape Town in South Africa. I fell back into teaching high school students and focused my attention on adult learning and development. 

With elderly in-laws requiring care support, and my parents living in the UK, a second relocation was inevitable. I never imagined that this move would be my saving grace, an opportunity for a personal reset and a career choice that would open up a treasure trove of unimaginable possibilities.

My children are now young adults and have embarked on their own journey. I am incredibly proud of their kindness and heart centred values. Together we provide a safe space for each other to grow, transform and be of service to others…

Kindest regards and much love – Kim