A Transient ‘Guest’ that Opened doors of Potentiality and Possibility

When an event becomes life-changing – what is it that actually changes?. When your very existence hangs in the balance because your physical body is ‘under attack’ you feel a shift from being the ‘shaper’ to the one ‘being shaped’ and your sense of what is important suddenly becomes irrelevant. Scattered to the winds, you leave behind the parts of yourself you no longer need and disperse seeds to reinvent yourself anew.

For close to 3 years now I seem to have been chasing a dream that eluded me. I had spent my time as a Live-In carer creating a safe forum to help others in the same line of work. I developed a social media platform, wrote countless blogs and offered my services to those who may benefit from my wisdom and research. I threw myself into spirituality and used every spare moment to empower myself so that I could be of service to those that ‘needed’ me –  in some way, confusing my career with my purpose and not fully understanding where I belong.

When Covid ‘hit’ early January I had no choice but to be with my thoughts and my breath, both of which ignited a beautiful relationship with the ‘Angelic Realm’ as I was guided to inner healing and strength. More importantly, I was invited to contemplate the possibility of a ‘course change’ for my life – one that focused on my relationship with my inner self and enabled me to remain ‘open to everything and attached to nothing’.

My experience with the virus was sheer exhaustion, excruciating back pain and difficulty in breathing. When my lungs were on fire, I knew the time had come to allow the life-giving element of air to replenish my body, my being and my very essence. That is when I realized that venturing into unknown territory and trusting in divine detours had set in motion radical acceptance and surrender – a release of control and certainty by tending to the small things – first and foremost the awareness of my own breath! 

I almost started to move in a rhythm dictated by my authentic nature and the will of the Universe, coupled with immense gratitude for my body that knows exactly what to do to heal. It seemed so natural in the stillness of the day to focus on breathing and with very little effort, quietening the mind was a comfortable transition into ‘unplanned’ meditation and an overwhelming sense of peace and love.

The experience that followed reminded me that there is a Great Mystery that I have come to accept without intellectually trying to understand it…

Some things cannot be known by the mind, only experienced through the heart, through intuition and through the peripheral senses that part the invisible veils separating the visible world from the Great Manifesting Consciousness in the hidden realms.

As the rising waters of harmonic frequencies started to wash over me, I knew that this was going to be a time to repair, renew and replenish myself. Everything I believed about my personal identity, including established behaviours that had validated my existence, started to loosen my foothold in this fading 3-dimensional reality and carry me into the fast-moving stream of higher energies. I really felt that I was part of something much bigger…

As I drifted into this expanded state of awareness, I had a growing desire to connect to this Divine Intelligence, to create a space for miracles as opposed to directing my life and to say ‘thank you’ for things not yet manifested.  This shift was both empowering and humbling – opening the floodgates of gratitude and intensifying the feelings of love – my belief system was challenged as I started to remember…

Never forget who you are. You are not your name. You are not the face that people recognize. You are not a butcher, a baker, or a candlestick maker. All of these titles mean nothing and actually hold you back from realizing the real you. The real you is eternal. The real you has no artificial boundaries and identities. The real you is a vibration in time and space creating a ripple that interacts with all other ripples. The only difference between you and the other ripples is not your name, not your appearance, not what you have done or labelled yourself, but the quality of your personal vibration. That vibration is what continues into eternity. You know only a limited spectrum of vibration whilst you assume the dense body, but that which is truly you vibrates so finely that you must expand beyond the physical to perceive it. This you can achieve through meditation. There you will taste the sweet nectar that requires no taste buds. There you will behold beauty beyond imagining that requires no eyes. There you will glimpse eternity. Rise above the labels and the looks. Be that which you are—now—and see how your life changes.

Channelled message – Suzanne Giesemann

I have now realized more than ever before, that I cannot possibly help others until I have genuinely connected with the inner wisdom and followed the guidance of my soul. Up to now, I have been projecting my purpose based on my identity but this experience has taught me to relax, see the perfection of life as it is unfolding and feel the connection with All That Is

Peace begins with me. The more peaceful I am inside, the more peace I have to share with others

Louise Hay