A New Years Message – Make Every Day New Years Day

As we welcome in the New Year, and the Christmas period draws to a close, we are reminded that it is an appropriate time to reconnect with all those beautiful souls that we have neglected to stay in touch during the year, and wish them everything of the best for the coming new year!

For most it is a time of contemplation and resolutions – looking back at the past and trying not to bring negativity into the future, forgetting that we should be grounded only in the present.

It is also a time when feelings of hope and love, which are ingrained in our true nature, resurface to serve others and ourselves.

My prayer is that you live each day as if it is the start of a New Year – an opportunity to wipe the slate clean daily and reset the momentum that is responsible for your present feelings.

Illuminate others through kindness and remember that It doesn’t matter what has been written in your story so far, it’s how you fill up the rest of the pages that count. I invite you to “close your eyes, fall in love and stay there” – Rumi