A Mothers Day Message

Happy Mother’s Day you great creators and nurturers, your warriors and comforters. We are different, equal, connected, one.

I was compelled to share with you my thoughts on Mother’s Day. It is that one day in the year where we can publicly take time out to ‘thank’ our mother’s for their love and guidance – but have you ever considered the irony that maybe, it is our children that we should be thanking for the part that they play in our personal expansion.

I seem to resonate with this seemingly controversial, yet fascinating view put forward by many spiritual teachers and authors. Teal Swan’s message on this subject work is logical and informative and she has shared wonderful material regarding the role that our children play in our lives:

“Our conflicts with our children are always an opportunity to recognize an area where they are trying to call us into a space of our own expansion – which is the place where we can in fact best meet their needs and parent them and teach them how to carve out their own life here in society and when we do that the conflict with our children goes away” A child’s Purpose…Teal Swan

The belief is that it is the child who is calling the parent into expansion and not the other way around. They come into this world to mirror something in our lives that has been suppressed and denied – aspects that have not been fully integrated in our own experience to make us whole. They come into this life as a manifestation of that expanded consciousness or extended soul family bringing forth the desires that you as an adult have not yet manifested due to your limiting belief system and upbringing.

Life may pass us by without even acknowledging this and we ‘blissfully’ continue to mould and equip them to cope in society in spite of the lessons that are rolling on repeat & conflict mode, especially for us –

We need to be reminded that our children DO NOT belong to us – they belong with us but not to us – they have their own unique essence which happens to be an expanded version of us and our job as parents is to help them find that but also to pick up on the signs that are meant for our own expansion-

“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place”

If I look back at my life and where I am today – the contrast is magical. I am so grateful that my children never gave up on me and subtly repeated behaviours in order to mirror aspects of my true nature that were incomplete.

Having said all this, the good news in retrospect is that although I may have done things differently especially if I had known then what I know now – my children turned out just fine – better than I could ever have imagined. My parenting methods may have been somewhat misguided but it is evident that I have done nothing wrong – so no regrets and no more self-blame for what I perceived to be mistakes imprinted by my own childhood journey

My children may need to recover from aspects of their childhood, but my analogy –no mud…no lotus!

Love has been our liberator and without doubt the path of least resistance which has paved the way for all our transformations. So it may be Mother’s Day but I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate my beautiful children –

Like the branches of a tree we will grow in many different directions, but our roots that remain firmly in the ground, provide us with the strong foundations and will keep us together – forever embracing our Universal Connection and Eternal Soul Family