Change the Way you Look at Things and the Things you Look at Change

As caregivers, we are provided with an ideal platform to redirect our attention away from self-centred motives and towards the welfare of those we serve. By doing so, we can rise above ego-driven concerns and uncover a profound sense of serenity and connection.”

Working With Me

“When you are afraid, your perception of future possibilities gets distorted and you think from a contracted mindset. When you feel grateful, your consciousness expands, and you’re able to think better and make wiser decisions”

Having a ‘conscious conversation’ can put you back in the driving seat.

With a tank full of gratitude you will discover how to embrace the present, relieve the anxiety about the future and lovingly release the pains of the past.

What Clients Say

Kim cared for my father during the last months of his life and provided the most wonderful presence and support for him. She has an amazing capacity to be both upbeat and energising at the same time as practical and present. I can recommend her as an excellent choice of coach for other caregivers or those working with end of life issues

Kim helped me help myself in my darkest hour – I was drowning running a small business, caring for an elderly parent, looking after a houshold of dogs and young adults and hating life. Breaking old habits, living in the present, embracing a collective concionsess, re-establishing my physical, mental and spiritual health, learning to chase my passions, unleashing internal creativity, practisng gratitude, finding a sense of fulfillment – all these things came right. Not overnight of course but with Kim’s guidance, insight and gentle way of helping me gain insight I’m now embracing life. I still have my moments but also the personal tools to get back on track quickly. Can’t recommend enough and it’s a privelage to know her.

Love | Gratitude | Compassion | Belonging

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